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About Timbermann

Timbermann is dedicated to timber decking, solid wood flooring and associated pool decks, patio decking, sun decks and in fact any wooden or timber decking variation, including lofts and mezzanine floors. Because of our commitment to quality workmanship and service, Timbermann is by choice a small, family run concern. Our genuine hands on approach allows us to monitor each site individually, ensuring attention to detail and true personal service!

Although many and various skills, products and services are available, our primary focus is on providing the best solutions with regards to decking, flooring and related mezzanine installations. Our offering covers concept, design, materials and construction. Timbermann is also provided for all those related finishing components – staircases, balustrade & skirting. More details on these and others on the Products page…

The structural integrity of your deck/mezzanine floor is critical. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your deck or floor looks just after it has been installed – what matters is that it remains that way for all the years to come. Good, sound structural work is essential – make sure your installer has the credentials!

Our background in the construction industry and years of experience as structural timber specialists provide us with the skills to ensure you get rock solid foundations and sub-structure for your deck or floor. Although the aforementioned are seldom seen, the effects of bad/ignorant structural work will severely affect the quality and longevity of your investment.

Timbermann was a registered member of the NHBRC (terminated our membership when we stopped building houses/schools etc) and as such our structural timber construction takes it lead from the SABS082 Code of Practice for Timber Construction – as such we are proud to offer substantial guarantees on our installations…